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Shipping from the UK is expensive. I was concerned I wasn't getting the best deals on things so I had them send to them my brother in law who was living in London. He then posted the items and the original amounts quoted were accurate. It is just more expensive. With a frame, the trick is to reduce the cubic volume of the box. The best way I have found to do that having sent many frames to the US and Europe is to cut the box so that the end with the head tube is about 1/2 the width of the other end. When measured, this effectively 1/2's the volume of the box. Although in reality it only reduces by 1/4. If the frame isn't super valuable, another way is simply to cover and tape all the tubes in card and put a spacer in the rear dropouts to prevent squashing. Then insure it...

When you see where I live, you will know why I know postage prices, it's the most isolated capital city on the planet. Put it into google earth and watch your globe spin.

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Sad to say; can be two "C" notes insured.

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Subject: [CR] Shipping a frame from London to the US

Has anyone shipped a frame from London to the US lately? Or... Has anyone received a frame in the US from London?

I'm looking for a cheap alternative for a frame I recently purchased on eba y. The seller quoted me $40 (which seemed cheap) but now they are asking fo r SIGNIFICANTLY more.

Thanks Mark Buswell San Francisco, CA USA>>

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