RE: [CR]Conundrum SR Brakes ?? 1977 or 1982 ??

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Subject: RE: [CR]Conundrum SR Brakes ?? 1977 or 1982 ??
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Campy was dumping non-C.P.S.C. compliant wares in Europe and the Pacific Rim for at least a couple of years after said configurations were no longer shipping to the United States in order that they might deplete held stock of various bits and pieces. However, with regard to the particular brakeset in question on eBay there is also the distinct possibility that someone along the line has managed to cobble together an "NOS" grouping from various individual NOS pieces on hand and then placed the resulting amalgamation into an NOS box (...I have certainly seen this "trick" done on several occasions here stateside too). At the very least those black "shield logo" hoods would have originally been found on Gran Sport levers and NOT a Record model (...gum or white, yes - but black, no way).


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>Subject: [CR]Conundrum SR Brakes ?? 1977 or 1982 ??

>Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 08:08:25 -0700 (PDT)






>Later stuff on these brakes



>"BREV INT." calipers

>Recesed (ALAN) key mounting

>Shield-logo hoods ?? (easily swapped out)


>Earlier stuff on these brakes


>Flat QRs

>Old-drillium levers (O in CAMPAGNOLO lines up with 1st drillium hole)


>Is it possible that Campagnolo converted to CPSC brakes in the USA,

>but had non-CPSC parts left over in Italy and kept making brakes with

>those parts for several more years until they ran out of small parts ??


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