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Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 19:11:05 -0500

... we are looking at three "Jacks" here. a double, a mixte, and something else, maybe a tour of something with racks. two courtesy of Robert Freeman at Elliot Bay, and another from the list ages ago.

anyway, this is a sincere endorsement for Robert F.

alex,va 22308

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> Phil wrote,
> "I've recently gotten my old Jack Taylor back, #5087. It's much the
> worse for wear since I sold it in the '70s, but there's a story there
> don't ya know. I'm getting it in running condition and doubt I'll have
> it refinished, but the decals suffered greatly and the only one that's
> at all legible is on the head tube. Wondering if there is a source for
> decals?"
> Hi Phil', Be sure to visit Joel Metz definitive Jack Taylor site where
> there are details of decals from Bob Freeman of Elliot Bay Bicycles in
> Seattle.
> Nic Henderson (Jack Taylor owner 4809)
> Newport UK