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sorry -- my previous post got sent while I was still typing it. Here's the rest of it.

I think the cyclone parts are very nice -- good finish, good quality, great shifting, and nice-looking parts. And you have a matched set, which isn't that common to come across. Most bikes built at that time with Cyclone used the "mixed" group that included the Dia Compe brakes and Sugino crank -- of course, the Cyclone brakes were made by Dia Compe, and the Cyclone crank was made by Sugino -- but the SunTour branded parts must have cost a little more or else I assume you'd have seen more bikes equipped that way. One thing I'm pretty sure of, though -- I don't know about the earlier versions, but with the later ones (the smoother, more aero-looking parts), I'm almost certain that Superbe Pro is lighter. Then again, the earlier parts were just called "Superbe" without the "Pro." Maybe those were heavier than Cyclone? Either way, though, the difference in weight between those two groups couldn't be too significant. That's a long way of saying "go for it" since you asked for an opinion on the subject.

Kyle Brooks Akron, OH (temporarily on hiatus in Greensboro NC)
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> Subject: [CR]Is Cyclone Kool Enough for Weigle?
> Recently unpacked my early 80's (I think) Peter Weigle frame that I had boxed up for a move 1 1/2 years ago. I had bought this from Mark Poore and he delivered to Larz a couple of years ago.
> This bike has a spectacular multicolor (at least six colors) fade paint job. It also has an unusual combination of lugs and fillet brazing.
> I'm thinking it's high time I built it up. But now the question arises, with what?
> Since it has SunTour vertical DO's, SunTour seems appropriate. Plus I really like SunTour, but somehow never feel right about putting Japanese parts on a European frame. But, since there is a limited number of quality US parts, just about anything seems fair game for an American frame.
> My first thought was Superbe or Superbe Pro. However, I find my Superbe inventory is pretty much limited to derailleurs and brakes. Also, I don't have a Superbe brazeon FD, which this frame requires.
> On the other hand, I find I have pretty much a complete Cyclone gruppo, including a brazeon FD, track pedals, and the realtively rarely seen Cyclone crankset.
> One thing I had read here was that Cyclone was lighter than any version of Superbe, so it might be thought of as the "Japanese Jubillee"
> So, what say you? Is Cyclone kool enough for a Weigle, or is it sacrilege to even consider anything short of Superbe?
> Maybe J.P. himself has an opinion on this.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
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