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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 11:59:35 +0200
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I would like to add that, considering the number of 753 frames build in Ilkeston, i dont think Jan legrand would have build them all! Just the ones for the TI-Raleigh team, and maybe not even all of them. Still its interesting where that specific detail, the overlapping seatstay caps, originated. Was it a Jan Legrand invention? Or a Raleigh invention, that he transferred to his Presto frames, and was later picked up by Peter Serier, when he built for Presto? Both Legrand and Serier are not really available to comment, so I hope our English listmembers can help!

Freek Faro Rotterdam Netherlands

2007/6/11, Schmid <>:
> Hi Peter and all,
> What a nice machine you have there. For comparison you can chek out my
> 1980 (or probably 81) Team Pro also posted on my wooljersey album Here
> I got this bike for almost no money on one of my trips visiting
> bikeshops along th road searching for old parts. I absolutely agree with
> your description of it's ride characteristics. I have an original german
> Raleigh catalogue featuring the 80 Team pro. I will put up some scans
> hopefully soon. It states that the bike originally was sold with an Isca
> Selle Tornado saddle. I got one for mine but still hesitate to change
> the Brooks since it is the most comfortable saddle I ever have ridden. I
> might put it on for a picture session.
> List member Freek Faro noted that those frames propably were build by
> Raleighs framebuilder and teammechanic Jan Legrand and he was the one
> who invented the "overlapping seatstay caps", a distinctive feature of
> those frames.
> I must admit although I never was attracted by those machines before I
> got one, ever since I have it it became one of my favorite rides, the
> bike i ride the most.
> Regards
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> Now that all the adults are away at the Cirque, I always feel like we
> kids left behind should have a keg party and trash the house whilst they
> are away...
> More constructively, I have posted a new set of photos (mainly to show
> off the Mavic SSC blue rims I finally for this bike!) of my 1980 Raleigh
> Team Pro (753) in my Wool Jersey together with a new write-up of this
> machine:
> 4
> /
> And now I am going to get out and ride the **** out of her...
> Peter Kohler
> Washington DC USA