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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 07:22:15 -0400
From: <loudeeter@aol.com>
Subject: [CR]Cirque Report

The Florida Express got back to Orlando before midnight, but only because we
   left before the end of the party.  Sleep deprivation and attempted alc ohol poisoning from Saturday night caused Ron Edmiston, Jonathan Greene
   and me to bail out of the last couple of hours on Sunday.  This was a different Cirque for me.  I didn't take a bike, nor did I take any cycl ing clothing.  While I enviously watched the group depart for rides, I also was more relaxed by the end than I believe I would have been otherwise.   The first night (Thursday for us) was the usual pizza dinner at Brixx .  Good way to unwind and start the weekend.  The auction was agai n run very well by Gianni Pergolizzi and his elves.  Raising over $1100 0 was super.  I bid a lot, bought a few items, but in the end, either s old them (at cost) before I got to the cashiers table or before I got back t o the Battleground Inn.  Then, I turned around and added to my load by doing the same to others!  The bikes were phenomenal as usual.  Ju st too much eye candy for me.  Speaking of, the Pegoretti painted by Jo e Bell that won best paint was painted in three shades of chocolate--creamy white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  I think I've discovered a wa y to get my wife into this!!  The seminars were educational and enterta ining as well.  Listening to two young builders who are doing marvelous
   work---Sacha White  (http://www.vanillabicycles.com/) and Darrell McCu lloch (http://www.llewellynbikes.com/main.htm) -- was very refreshing.Â
    These two builders are bringing new ideas and energy to our hobby.Â
    The banquet was fun.   Great company.  Brett Horton gave a very interesting presentation about his collection, including showing us h is latest jersey acquisitions and providing a slide show about the five bicy cles he commissioned from Pegoretti, Sachs, Cooper, Vanilla, and Llewellyn.   The Classic Rendezvous Vintage Bicycle Award also went to Brett Horto n.  The show and swap meet were also fun.  I love those sandwiches !!   I took pictures, but haven't taken the time to download them from the camera.  I'll send them to Dale when I finish for all to see.   Next year in Virginia.  Thanks Dale for a great run.  We'll
   miss Greensboro.  Best wishes to M.J. and Wayne for the event next yea r.  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA