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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 08:10:37 -0400
From: "gabriel l romeu" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Silk Tubular Maintenance
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that was my first application after spending quite a bit on a set of NOS

hoods at an excellent LBI on a visit to Madison. It is an excellent visual restorative on older hoods, they become a bit slippery however. This was only a couple years ago.

The only endorsement based on experience is on plastic and fiberglass kayaks used in both salt and freshwater. It makes a HUGE difference on longevity, UV effects on the water is diabolical. One issue however, as

I have taught and done fiberglass/epoxy repair (from boatbuilding experiences), is that it is a bear to remove as it does not encourage finish adhesion. I have a couple of nasty solutions for that, but this is getting way off topic.

btw, many marine supply stores sell it up to gallon containers. c ya, gabriel
> Above all, perhaps this would also be a suitable protectant for brake lever
> hoods... or perhaps even hoping for such a product is just another que st for
> the Holy Grail of bike component preservatives.
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