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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 22:12:47 EDT
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I don't know too much about Paramount minutia, but I would beg to differ tha t the late 60s Race and Touring frames are the same. Listmeister Dale has a fully chromed Tourer, frame built in 1967, that has an approx. 53cm seat tub e, with an extendo approx. 57cm top tube. In addition, it has fender eyelets o n the Campy dropouts. I can't imagine the racing model would have these dimensions, but someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Here's a pic of it from when it was still in my possession: < ch winn_1967_Paramount_Chrome/Schwinn67_72_Paramount53Chrome01.jpg.html>

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA ~ ~ ~

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Here's what I've learned about the chrome jobs and the touring vs. P-13 road racing deals. As Tom Sanders alluded to, Don Mainland of Racine, Wisc., is reported anecdo tally (but pretty strongly anecdotally) in the archives to have made many of the chrome Paramounts under a subcontract with Schwinn. Mainland's facility may have made all of the chrome ones in some years ('72 is mentioned). Bria n B. has opined that perhaps the better brazing those frames may have receiv ed explains why the seatstay caps on the chrome ones appear to be more durab le than on many of the painted bikes. As far as geometry differences, my understanding is that in '73, the differe nces would have been that the touring P-10s and P-15s had 3/8-inch long er chainstays than the P-13s; touring P'Mounts had braze-on rear brake cable guides while racing models had Campy clips; touring models had forks with a lot of curve in the last six inches or so, while P-13s are more gently curv ed, so different fork rake. I'm not aware that there were any other differen ces. Interestingly, in the late 1960's, the racing and touring frames were identi cal. In the early 70's Schwinn may have begun experimenting on the way to di stinguishing the P-13 and restablishing it as a racing bike. Some "transitio nal" P-13s from this period (roughly 1970 to 1971 or '72, I don't recall pre cisely) have a combination of these features but not all, i.e. the older for k rake with the Campy clamp-on guides.

Ed Granger Lancaster, PA, USA ('73 P-13 in Silver Mist; '61 P-11 Touring Paramount; KOF OS Paramount circa 1989; still missing the chrome one, but Tom Sanders keeps sending me links to the nice ones on eBay)

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