[CR]Assistance Dating an AERO-TUBED Eddy Merckx Frameset

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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 06:02:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Kevin Kruger" <ktk1_7_0_2_8@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Assistance Dating an AERO-TUBED Eddy Merckx Frameset

Just purchased what appears to be an early 80s Eddy Merckx Aero-Tubed frameset, and would appreciate assistance in accurately dating it from knowledgeable list members.

From the catalogs found on the bulgier site, it appears to be a "CORSA EXTRA" model using the cast lugs and sloping crown. The Merckx #3 bulgier catalog shows bare frames with various mixtures of frame fittings, making it tough to pin this frame down.

The thing that puzzles me is the use of derail cable guides on the top of the bottom bracket shell?!?! There is also a brazed-on number tab present on the underside of the toptube. Can't tell from the auction listing photos what type of shift levers would be used on the downtube, since there do not appear to be lever boss braze-ons. Suspect they were clamp-on, since the upper sections of the aero-tubes appear to be round at the lug junction(s).

Here is the Wool Jersey address containing the photos copied from the eBay auction and the bulgier Merckx catalog:


Thanks in advance to the Merckx frame experts!

Kevin Kruger - Grantville, PA

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