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Subject: Re: [CR] Need help identifying track bike
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 04:08:59 +0000

Owen, I'm absolutely no help on identifying the bike, but I sure like its lines. And it looks like it's my size! Good catch.

Guy Taylor Jealous in Anaheim, CA

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> Hola,
> I have a track bike of unknown origins that I am trying hard to
> identify. My hope is to restore it to something near its original
> condition, or to a condition similiar to the time in which it was made.
> Here is what I know. The bike came from my uncle's garage. It is
> painted all silver and has no logo's or badges of anykind. The bottom
> bracket is stamped on the top left with "RGF" and the underside with
> "T559K." The rear dropouts are stamped "Brev Campagnolo." I took some
> pictures and sent them to Tom Kellogg. He gave the following info:
> Tube set: Columbus PS
> Crown: Cinelli FC
> Lugs: Cinelli bulge forged
> Bottom bracket: Gargette RGF
> The bike came from my uncle with Campagnolo Pista components (hubs,
> cranks, seatpost). It has Japanese bars and a Nashbar stem now. I'm
> not sure what was on it originally.
> You can see some pictures at the following address.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can take more pictures, take
> measurements, do whatever, if it would help to identify the bike.
> Thank you,
> Owen Nielsen
> Blacksburg, VA
> Go Hokies!