Re: [CR] Cirque Bike Portrait Studio 2007 CD's

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From: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 11:32:51 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Cirque Bike Portrait Studio 2007 CD's

Hi List member who had bike photgraphed in Cirque Portrait Studio,

CD's are mailed out today, containing one or two (who has 2 or more bikes).

The CD contains two folders, one is very high resolution files, which is capble of making 16X20" or larger prints. The other set is about 10" by 15" at 72 DPI for posting WEB or e-malings.

The copyrights is ownwd by C-R, Cirque, and CD owner, and has unlimited releases for publishing or printing, in case those who wish NOT to release images to C-R site/Cirque de Cyclisme (Mr. Dale Brown), please notify by writing with signiture beside e-mail note. The mailing address can be obtained from Webmaster contact at C-R site.

Huemax Comapny will give 2-DVD files totalling 7.4 GB (yes G word) to Dale Brown for master file use, and we can offer professional pinting sizes from wallet to 30" by 40" in next 60 days, (we will keep digital file copy of yours in or HD), please contact; KEN TODA, for details, payment can be made by PAYPAL. Some examples of pricing is; d/w mounted 11X14' print for 29.00, or 8X10/12" for 12.00 shipped for 48 Main states. Also, our lab is capable of composit photo (several imges on one photo) creations, and will have famouns Cirque GROUP photo soon!

In case those who has older CD's, please make a copy of hi-res files for printing services.

Thank you again for bringing wonderful classic bicyles to Grensboro, N.C.

KEN TODA, High Point, NC

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