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Hi Steve: Your comments are very apt in respect to the putative 35th A nniversario being offered for sale and I fully agree with them. Howev er, if in fact the frame set is that of a 35th Anniversario, and

if the new buyer could re-equip the bike with the correct components (I admit this wouldn't be easy) he or she could thereby resurrect a "f allen angel." I would regard this as a noble undertaking. Best regards, George

George Hollenberg MD
Westport, CT, USA

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Date: Saturday, June 16, 2007 3:57 pm Subject: [CR]De Rosa Bike for sale To: CR

> Rob wrote:
> "I have a 35th aniversary De Rosa Bike for sale. It is 53 cm,
> Shimano
> 600
> gear all around. The price is $2500. Please call Rob Mathews
> in New
> York
> City at 201 888-3415"
> I am glad to see that you corrected your first post by adding a
> price to
> remain within the CR list rules, I would however like to point
> out a few
> further points:
> Firstly, the 35th anniversary bike was built in 1988, therefore
> it is
> out of timeline for this list by build year. I believe it does
> however
> qualify as a keeper of the flame frame. Secondly, the 35th
> anniversary
> frame was only ever sold as a complete bike equipped with
> exclusively
> Italian parts, mainly Campagnolo C-Record components. I
> personally feel
> that the fact that your bike now sports Shimano 600 parts, means
> the
> bike has effectively lost its status as a true 35th anniversary
> bike. Or
> perhaps it is not even a true 35th anniversary frame, but rather
> one
> simply painted up the same. You can verify this by checking the
> serial
> number that should be 35° followed by a three digit number, with

> a
> letter in superscript. The letter determines in which country
> the frame
> was originally sold.
> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ
> PS: I hope that you get your asking price for the bike, even if
> I have
> my doubts given the non-originaliy of the parts. My own personal
> 35th
> anniversary De Rosa is my favorite riding bike overall.

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George Hollenberg MD