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Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 22:02:47 -0400
From: "Harvey Sachs" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: attaching cleats
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wonderful, Robert, and thanks for making the scanned article available. I didn't think to check the web before writing, but thinking might have taken longer. Since I know John Schubert, the author, pretty well, I wonder if he messed up anywhere? :-)

but mostly, thanks for doing and posting these scans for all our benefit.

harvey sachs mcLean Va.

R.S. Broderick wrote:
> Harvey, et al,
> The "nameless" individual to which you refer, and anybody else out there
> for that matter who might also have questions on this very same subject,
> may wish to review the following article:
> Robert Broderick
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> Sioux Falls, USA
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>> Subject: [CR]Re: attaching cleats
>> Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 17:27:24 -0400
>> This came in offline, and I trust the sender won't mind if I respond
>> to the whole list, since I think the info will be useful to others.
>> His question was translatable as "How do I find someone local to
>> install nail-on-type cleats, and what needs to be done to get it
>> right? Here goes; comments welcome.
>> The mandatory part is to establish a line across your shoes where the
>> pedal should go. The way I'd do that is to wrap the front of the
>> toeclip you will use with enough of a spacer to assure that the tip of
>> the shoe doesn't scrape on the clip - which is why I use longer rather
>> than shorter cleats when I have a choice. Ride long enough to get a
>> decent line, being attentive to the angle of your foot relative to the
>> pedal axis.
>> The back pedal cage line shoes exactly where the cleat should go.
>> Next (and this is a bit tricky) you need to settle how far outboard
>> the cleats go, which I do as a shop-fit. I tend to mount cleats
>> inboard, so I can slide feet outboard if needed to clear pants or
>> whatever; your practice may differ. Mark exactly where each cleat
>> should go. Use permanent marker, chalk, or double-sided sticky tape.
>> Note if the cleats are marked as handed, for left v. right shoe.
>> Now you're equipped to deal with the shoemaker. Take the shoes,
>> cleats, and nails to any shoe-maker. If he is discouraging, call
>> around till you find the right Sicilian accent :-) . Be very polite,
>> offer your nails (if any) but accept whatever he prefers: your soles
>> might be thicker than what Pavarin thought, for example. Ask him
>> nicely if he can take out the insole and then replace it, so you won't
>> have the turned-over nails against your delicate soles.
>> Enjoy! Much easier than shipping to me, and he'll probably do a
>> better job.
>> harvey sachs
>> mcLean va