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While I love a bargain I think the cost of a top custom frame should reflect the builders unique cost of business, including design costs, interview time, materials, any advertising, and related overhead costs as a bare minimum. Beyond that builders with experience or exceptional skills can charge a premium above that the market will bare. With so many multi year waits for multi thousand dollar frames and bicycles it would seem our current crop of elite USA builders are pricing themselves well below what they might be actually worth. With Brett Horton's speculation that a $10,000 frame might very well be in the soon to be future and with the apparent reluctance of said builders willing to talk on and train extra hands tis may well be the reality. So get your order in now and lock in the price if you can.

On the new Herse; verses a pristine used one. While they are different products I think an owner of either a new or old Herse will from my experience with Alex Moulton's (1962 into, 1982 space-frame update are within timeline ) find as soon as they own one the next thing they seem to want is another. I seem to recall several people that own multiple Richard Sachs and Peter Weigle's were at the cirque. With multi year waits that commitment to a brand! It is also the sign of an excellent product.

I am an original Old Herse Owner (1983). A new Herse has many advantages over an older one even when new. A native English speaker will have much more control over the outcome of the finished product just simply because of communication is in English on the newest ones. I had several miscommunications on my 1983 Herse order that might have seriously upset many people that were simply language based. I was fortunate my school boy French didn't have the front forks spaced 130 mm wide! Having specific fitting details clearly stated and carriers and accessories integrated along with the great suggestions that Mike and Mark will provide from their study of previously built bikes along with current technical improvements might over time make the New Herse more sought after than the original. I wish the project much success.

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Has the pricing been decided yet? Considering the waits of up to two years for a frame from some of the top US custom builders, I'd think Mike could price them comparable to those frames and sell quite a few. On the other hand, if they cost as much as a clean original Herse from the 60's on eBay, buyers may wait for a 60's Herse to show up there. This may restart the discussion about what a top custom frame should cost. Regards, Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX>>

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