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Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 14:37:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Raleigh 753? For Sale
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The other mystery is the seatpost size. Metric 753 should be 26.8 or possibly 27.0. I thought English-gauge 753 was 27.4. I would have thought 27.2 would mean English-gauge 531, but the decal is 753.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

John Pergolizzi <> wrote:

George Allen wrote:

"All 753 Team Pro's should have a serial number beginning with SB. Having said all that, the lugs and bottom bracket look to be the same as my 1977/78 Team Pro."

YES! Serial # is SB1016 (on the underside of the b.b., drive side) Opposite side on the bottom reads : "56" with "H142" below and to the side (my quotation marks).

The seat stay caps are NOT oversized. Yea, they could have been filed, but it seems as if their was not absolute consistantcy.

Seat post is 27.2

Rear drop outs are drillium.

I initially thought she might be a Motobecane, at least partially because of wishful thinking. I ordered two custom (a road and a track)back in 76 and the order never got filled ( rumors of tube switching improprieties at the factory; who knows). A bit of research jogged the memory cells enough to end that hope. Raleigh just made the most sense even though the caps aren't "right".

Thanks to all. Now please buy my Raleigh.

John T.Pergolizzi La Jolla, Ca.

>Hello group,
> O.K., so here's my quandary: I'm in the process of
>liquidating "Aladdin's Cave" as some of youse well know. This is a
>group of bikes which I purchased in an estate sale type situation.
>One of the bikes has got me puzzled a bit. At first I thought that she
>was a Motobecane 753 Team Champion. But she has British/ISO cups in the
>bottom bracket ( confirmed this on Sheldon Brown's website
>( So is she a
>Raleigh? Or another English builder perhaps? Who out there has a
>knowledgeable answer?
>All of the bikes in The Cave were English and from the same mid to late
>1970's time period. Whatever she is, she is a very nice 753 bike which
>I am selling. Take a look at the photos I've posted on wooljersey:
> 1
> I'm looking for $995.00 plus actual shipping via UPS Ground; packing is
> Thanks youse one and all,
>John T.Pergolizzi
>La Jolla, Ca

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