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Subject: Re: [CR]Apollo Bicycle question
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:32:16 -0700

Apollo was (one of many brands) made by Kuwahara in the 70's. It was imported by Fred Deeley of Vancouver. Deeley was a motorcycle dealer in Vancouver, and imported bicycles for a short time. Your Apollo may have a winged Deeley decal on the downtube. Kuwahara/Apollo made mostly low-end, gaspipe bikes for the bike boom, but there are a few really nice hi-end models as well. They also did mountain bikes. I have a Kuwahara/Apollo Sierra Grande. Very light, well made butted/lugged cro-mo frame.

Hope this helps.
Sherry Buttnor
Metchosin BC Canada.

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Subject: [CR]Apollo Bicycle question

>I recently bought a used Apollo "Gran Sport" bike for my daughter. It
> appears to be an early to mid 1980's mid grade bike. It has a Vancouver
> Canada license on it, and appears to be of Japanese manufacture.
> Does anyone know anything about this brand? I've never seen or heard of
> it
> before.

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> Mark Birnbaum

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