Re: [CR] Mike Kone on Rene Herse and other US Builders and more

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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 02:24:23 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Mike Kone on Rene Herse and other US Builders and more

A few years back I was shocked to hear that the Bugatti marque would once again be represented as an automobile. The final product was not simply a copy of a 1920s -30s Bugatti, but instead was a modern 12-cylinder, no expenses spared, top end 200 mph+, work of sheet metal art. As such, I think it very nicely reflected the name and nature of the original cars to the few discriminating buyers with both the outrageous disposable income and the desire to own what would be one of today's most uncompromising autos.

I know Mike has an understanding of and an appreciation for the original Herse bikes from their finest days past. And, I am sure he will do justice to the hallowed name - whatever forms the new incarnations may take. I'd be happy to spend my money in the US on modern bikes in the classic style, just as the Japanese enthusiasts have long supported TOEI, et al, across the Pacific. Great to have yet another option to choose from, and one with a name which implies the bikes will show tremendous attention to detail and finish quality. I wish Mike and Mark all the best on their enterprise. Guess I'll start saving my pennies right away.

Bob Hanson, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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