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Subject: Re: RE:[CR]Raleigh 753? For Sale
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 17:00:10 -0400


To me it could quite possibly be a Raleigh. The lug cutouts (although I am sure not just a Raleigh trademark), length etc. are identical with my '81 Ilkeston built 531SL frameset. The fork crown is also identical. There are minor differences in the position of the braze-ons though. Could this be, like mine, a one-off special order which originally came unpainted and unbadged?

Paul Williams,
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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From: Steve Birmingham
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> Interesting bike. Picture 4, especially the bigger version seems to show
> a serial #SB1015, but with the SB lightly stamped. If that is the serial
> #,
> it would almost certainly be a Raleigh.
> Steve Birmingham
> Lowell, Ma
> Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 10:19:35 -0700
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> Hello group,
> O.K., so here's my quandary: I'm in the process of liquidating
> "Aladdin's Cave" as some of youse well know. This is a group of bikes
> which
> I purchased in an estate sale type situation.
> One of the bikes has got me puzzled a bit. At first I thought that she
> was
> a Motobecane 753 Team Champion. But she has British/ISO cups in the
> bottom
> bracket ( confirmed this on Sheldon Brown's website
> ( So is she a
> Raleigh? Or another English builder perhaps? Who out there has a
> knowledgeable answer?
> All of the bikes in The Cave were English and from the same mid to late
> 1970's time period. Whatever she is, she is a very nice 753 bike which I
> am selling. Take a look at the photos I've posted on wooljersey:
> I'm looking for $995.00 plus actual shipping via UPS Ground; packing is
> included.
> Thanks youse one and all,


> John T.Pergolizzi


> La Jolla, Ca