[CR]Was Poseurs, now "Dawn Patrol"

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Tom, regarding getting on ebay at 3am, I suspect that given the average age of the CR membership, there are more of us on-line in the middle of the nigh t than you might think!  We could form our own special dawn patrol.  Â  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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We have nearly all had periods when our riding ability was limited. Many of s who put mileage on bikes have suffered the slings and arrows of utrageous misfortune. Often we were lucky to ever ride again. Whether ouncing off cars, water fountains, pavement, or suffering less dramatic hings like illnesses, crap just happens. I'd sure hate to think that nyone encountering someone during such a period would jump to the onclusion that someone riding only a mile or so to a bike shop to discuss is beloved hobby would be hastily judged a Poseur. I remember carrying a ling in my pocket to put it on after arriving somewhere on more than one ccasion. Some like myself now find that the longer 65 mile rides they once enjoyed re so uncomfortable that they engage in them on only special occasions. ven sleeping through the night is often impossible thanks to old cycling njuries sometimes...go slow judging others... might add, though, that getting out of bed at 3 AM because your shoulders r back hurts and checking E-Bay sure brings you a lot of neat just listed ycling stuff...I probably shouldn't be letting that one out of the bag! om Sanders ansing, Mi USA

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