[CR] Re:Woodside Bianchi fest (or just how much fun CAN you have on a ride)

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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 08:53:46 -0700
From: "Bob Freitas" <freitas1@pacbell.net>
To: CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Re:Woodside Bianchi fest (or just how much fun CAN you have on a ride)

This past Saturday we did our usual ride in Woodside California. Our special guest was Mike Schmidt , east coast "lost boy" and rabble rouser. He was here in the west checking on some of his clients and was anxious to participate in a real West Coast ride thru the peninsula hill country. The start at Woodside school became complicated as I pulled a Bianchi loaner bike out of my truck only to realize that it did not have pedals,a quick check with the others gathered produced no spare pedals,Brad was not there yet so we could not ask him to look in his magic backpack which in the past has produced corkscrews,cameras,road maps and assorted other items. Then I remembered Mike had bought some special pedals at American cyclery ! did he have them with him? Yes it turned out he had brought them, then the search for a 15mm wrench ensues, Dave Martinez opens the trunk of his Alfa Romeo and pulls out a wrench set. Thought it contained the right size,the wrench then turns out to be to wide to fit the narrow slot. Quickly we figure out we need to run down to the local bike shop ,so with Mike and I ,joined by Dave as navigator we head off to town to find a wrench that fits.The bike shop we are after is like a mirage ,disappearing as we get there and reappearing another block or two down the street.Finally on the verge of arriving in Palo Alto ,we find the shop. Rushing in we inquire about the wrench and are quickly handed a Park(Campy copy) pedal wrench, to fat! then a Campy wrench , still to fat! then finally a 15mm cone wrench which is just right. Back in the car we zoom back up into the hills with a ridable bike for Mike. The group gathered was heavy on the Bianchi side with both Dave and new guy James both on Paris Robaix equipped bikes ( the only time I have seen this many PR bikes at a ride was L'EROICA) ,my TEAM plus Mikes loaner a Super Corsa. The first half of the ride was uneventful as we did our usual loop thru the hills but on a long down hill there is a loud BANG! and Mike is now riding on a rim (over enthusiastic pumping on my part plus the heat build up of the downhill) survey of everyone including Brads backpack produces no spare tire but a few spare tubes. What to do? we run down the list of things we might do like impromtu boots but we are definitely stuck.Then it occurs to me that Guy Apple is in the neighborhood as he is going to do a show and tell at the end of the ride. A quick cellphone call and Guy is there driving the ultimate bike hauler (Dodge Magnum) and a tire is produced and we are on our way again. Later when we get back to Woodside school and Guy produces at Bianchi TDF, a Bianchi Cambio Corsa frameset and a early Cinelli Super Corsa for a discussion of paint restorations. So another great day of Vintage bikes and bike talk. Thanks to all who showed as well as Guy who saved our ***

                           blue skies in MILL VALLEY, CA USA