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A number of entries in the archives on the foot problem above and the below link for the numbness of the hands: 2

Morton's Neuroma is my guess for the foot problem and ulnar nerve compressio n for the hand problem, but then, I'm not the doc and most physicians will i nsist on personally examining the patient to make a definitive diagnosis.   The former is usually caused by tight shoes and the hand problem by t he things that Ted Ernst mentioned.  You can read more about Morton's N euroma here:

and of ulnar nerve entrapment here:

and here:

I'm not a physician.  I have had surgery for Morton's Neuroma.  An d, I've had treatment for carpal turnnel syndrome.  Those are my refere nce points. 

Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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I would suggest that you look at shoe fit, sole pressure, cleat position, an d sox elastic.  I would also look at where the saddle interfaces with your  bod(dum), and see if it is pinching, squeezing some nerves perhaps.  The hand and wrist could also be a pressure problem depending how much upper
   body weight is on your hands/wrists. Maybe your shoulders don't like the an gle, and puts the hands in stress.  This could be part of the difficulty.  Often keeping a glove strap too tight could put hands to sleep.  Or, if your positon, equipment, etc., is really good, maybe there is somethi ng in the pedal motion and hand holding on the bars your body for some circu latory-neural reason just doesn't like.  I can't remember a rider having your problems, though.  Have you tried acupuncture? Maybe not a permanent cure, but relief?  Best of luck.  Ted Ernst  Palos Verdes Estates  CA USA  ----- Original Message ----- From: "Daniel Dahlquist" <daniel.dahlquist@gmai>  To: <>  Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 8:05 AM  Subject: [CR]Re: Stocking & Glove Neuropathy   
> Group, Thanks to Leonard Diamond who tells me that according to his 
> podiatrist the 3 most common causes of Stocking and Glove Neuropathy are:  
> Diabetes, Alcoholism, and Vitamin B 12 deficiency. I neglected to mention  
> that I am not diabetic, not an alcoholic (although I like my Guinness on  
> occasion), and I have no vitamin deficiency. I know that trying to > conne ct 
> permanent nerve damage in the hands & feet to intense cycling is a long  
> shot. I thought that if this has ever been done in or out of the medical  
> fraternity, someone in this group would have heard about it. Thanks.Â
> Daniel Dahlquist 
> Galena, Illinois