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(Example: Component Manufacturers:Ideale)

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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 06:23:50 -0700
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Hi Tom, Your thinking is RIGHT ON!!

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At 3:43 AM -0400 6-23-07, Tom Sanders wrote:
>I'm wondering if others on the list encounter this problem and if they may
>have some ideas on how to deal with it.
> I often get several enquiries when I have placed an item or items for sale.
>Then one of the folks who have made inquiry will write back and say
>something to the effect of "Great, I'll take it, where do I send the
>A few hours later someone else who has made enquiry will write to say they
>want the item or to try and get a better price or ask further questions.
>When I tell them the item has sold they sometimes seem upset that their
>enquiry has not caused me to hold the item for them.
>I think folks need to realize that even if they have asked what size or
>condition something is in or how many of them a seller has, they have not
>bought the item, and it is still for sale. To my mind the person who tells
>me they will take the item for sure is the buyer.
>I am wondering if there might be a better way for me to deal with this?
>When I want an item and I am seeking to buy it, the very first sentence in
>my writing to the seller is usually something like "If the item is still
>available, I'll take it" or If that post is a 27.2 mm, I'd like it.". If I
>wish more information about the item and I have not made arrangements for
>the seller to hold it for me or something, I expect it may be sold in the
>interim if I am only seeking information. Am I perhaps a bit off base
>This bothers me a bit when the person who feels badly that they did not
>score the item is someone I know or have dealt with before. I am nearly
>tempted to tell everyone who writes that several people are interested and
>that the item may be sold if they do not act immediately, not as a sales
>gimmick, but to avoid having them being disapointed if the item sells in the
>interim. This would seem (to me) to be a bit unethical, though.
> What say you all?
>Tom Sanders
>Lansing, Mi USA