Re: [CR] NOS Peugeot PX10-E on eBay sold low.

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Subject: Re: [CR] NOS Peugeot PX10-E on eBay sold low.
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 15:50:21 -0400
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I didn't follow this auction, but unless it was a buy-it-now, at least two p eople thought it was worth that much money.  If people want to spe nd their money that way, let em do it.  It means fewer dollars chasing the things I'm chasing.  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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I have to agree with those who consider this a high price. Until recently, a ood used PX-10 could be bought for about $350. Even now, I'd wager a super lean totally original one would rarely go for as much as $700. So I think t he uyer paid at least $1,000 premuim for the fact the bike is NOS, and for the riginal box.

Is the premium justified? Obviously it was to the buyer. Although I am we ll ware of the value of original packaging of collectibles, to me personally an

riginal box is totally worthless. What am I going to do with it? The last hing I need is one more large box cluttering up the garage. As to the bike eing NOS, I suppose that has some value versus just an emaculate original us ed ne. But personally, I wouldn't pay over $1,000 for an NOS PX-10. I mean I aid $1,000 to $1,100 each for two really pristine all-chrome early 70's aramounts, which sort of sets my idea of "top money" for any production mode l lassic bike (I have of course paid more than that for custom-ordered ramesets).

I guess it comes down to how much fun one gets from unwrapping and assembli ng totally unused 35 year old bike. I admit that is sort of fun, but for me ersonally not $1,000 worth.

In fact, I tend to be irrational in just the opposite direction. To me, th e reatest fun is in taking a totally beat but once great bike and restoring it to ts former glory. With a total repaint, rechroming and reproduced decals, ju st he frame restoration can be $1,000, and if one must obtain some rare omponents, the total cost could easily exceed $1,700. But to me the sense o f ccomplishment is far greater than that of unboxing an NIP bike. I guess we' re ll crazy, just some in different ways from others.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Neill Currie <> wrote: Bob hanson wrote: " 'm forever living in a dream world of what things had once cost. And f ourse I am always excited to find true bargains at absurdly low rices. owever, I noticed the recent NOS late 60s to early 70s Peugeot PX-10 n Bay now as sold for what even I would consider a VERY low final bid of $1,700. Item number: 200120991630""Guess I am living in a dream world of my own. aybe "deals" like this are becoming more common, but that seems like an wfully high price for a very mediocre bike......even allowing oodles or the original box and unassembled condition.Hell, that's a higher inishing price than I ever paid for any of the 15 or so bike I own (by ar), and I have some really nice stuff. At least to my eyes, and with ll of us, I guess that's *all* that counts in the end.-------------- eill Currie illsborough h 03244 SA -------------- y MTB site: My blog: ---------------------

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