[CR]Question about a Braxton Touring bike

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Subject: [CR]Question about a Braxton Touring bike

Hi Ben:

Let see some digi pics of the frame details, etc.

It is fully conceivable that a small and eccentric builder such as Sam Braxton COULD have used a French threaded bb shell just because he had acquired it and had it on hand... But, as you imply, it is definitely a flag that potentially you have a modified French-made bike. I never heard of Braxton "private labeling" bikes but who knows....

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a nice Braxton Touring bike off of Craigslist Seattle. It was made in Missoula MT supposedly as custom bike. I bought it from the original owner who is now 76 years old. I am wondering if this is in fact a custom frame? The threading on this frame is French. I'm wondering if they imported a few French frames and branded them as Braxton's? If not why the French threading? Did builders in the late 70's use French threads for touring bikes? Mine is similar to the one on the CR website minus the integrated rear rack. It is very interesting that the 52/36 110 BCD chainrings are common to both bikes as is the flipped rear brake caliper. Other interesting bits include a Black long cage Shimano Crane rear derailleur and Black Suntour cyclone shifters and front mech.

Thanks in advance,

Ben Spencer
Seattle Washington USA