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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 13:38:51 -0400
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<< The logo is wierd indeed. The missing globe and rays make it look really odd.>>

Plus the shape and spacing of the letters is... off.

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Regarding the mystery S-U hubs, I sent the message below to Dustin Nordhus yesterday.

I've seen late production (circa 1986) Record front hubs marked this way, and this was not in the Soviet Union. Campy also used this marking on later C-record hubs to identify hubs with a revised bearing type (the later hubs mareked this way have 7/32" balls rather than 3/16".) In the case of your Record hubs, as opposed to C-Record that I just mentioned, the marking may have been used to identify hubs bearing some other variation. I have to wonder if the late S-U marked Record hubs were marked becaus ethey used the 3/16" setup of the early C-Record hubs, as opposed to the 7/32" setup that had been used since the 1950's.

Finally, Campy also used this S-U marking on late C-Rec rear hubs, apparently to distinguish them from the early hubs that has smaller locknuts and accepted different dustcaps.

I'd be very interested to know what size ball bearings are present in your S-U front hub. Please let me know, if you can.

Tom Dalton

Now that I've seen the photos, I'll add that these hubs look like very late production Record. The flat dustcaps (Victory parts) started showing up on Record hubs circa 1986, and at the bitter end Campy started to use the C-record style locknuts you see in Dustin's photo of his rear hub. I think the S-U has to be there to let you know that this hub uses different parts from the normal Record version.

The logo is wierd indeed. The missing globe and rays make it look really odd.

Tom Dalton Bethlehem, PA, USA

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