[CR]Let me introduce myself

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From: "Lynn Kuehl" <Lynn@berkshire-books.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 18:00:10 -0700
Subject: [CR]Let me introduce myself


I've been lurking online viewing various bicycle-oriented websites and interest lists and finally decided to join this one. My name is Lynn Kuehl. I live in Concord, CA, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm the owner of a used book shop called Berkshire Books and ride about three blocks to the shop every day.

My current rides are the following:

1) A late-'70s Raleigh Competition GS with very few of the original parts that I found in a dumpster and built up using assorted spare parts from two other bikes that were no longer rideable. The wheels are old high-flange Phil hubs from the '70s laced to Mavic MA3 rims that I built up myself. The rest of the bike is a hodge-podge but it rides nicely and is the kind of 10-speed I always wanted when I was a teenager. It's probably my favorite bike.

2) A late-70's Guerciotti that I purchased from Dale Brown a year or so ago. Nice bike. I love it, but I'm always little afraid I might have an accident with it and so I don't ride it as much as I probably should.

3) An early-'80s Motobecane Grand Jubilee that I just purchased from a thrift shop because it was the most French bicycle I've seen in a long time. Might be the last really French bike made. Has a Vitus tubed frame, late Simplex gearing, Nervar cranks, Mafac Competition brakes, and Normandy hubs laced to Rigida rims. It was almost NOS and looked like the former owner rode it once very gently around the block, then put it in the garage and threw a tarp over it. A couple of small rust spots on the chrome, but otherwise like new. About the only parts of the bike that weren't French were the SR pedals, the seat and post. I swapped out the SR post and Selle Italia seat for an older Ideale saddle and pin I bought years ago and hardly ever used. Maybe someday I'll find some cool French pedals to continue the upgrade.

4) A '70s Centurion with the usual Japanese parts. It's been hanging in the garage unridden for a few years. Maybe I'll clean it up one of these days and take it for a spin.

5) A very off topic Trek 5200 purchased in 1998. Also a nice bike, but I eventually decided that my usual ride would be from the era when I first fell in love with multi-speed bicycles.

I think I have enough bikes to satisfy me at present. Wouldn't mind getting an old track bike some day. Not in any hurry tho.

Don't know if I'll have much to contribute but I'm sure I'll enjoy reading and learning from the other list members.

All the best,

Lynn Kuehl