[CR]Mixed Bag: FS track sew ups, WTB, Warning, Setting up a Super Champion, cleaning

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Toni Theilmeier" <toni.theilmeier@t-online.de>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 19:27:34 +0200
Subject: [CR]Mixed Bag: FS track sew ups, WTB, Warning, Setting up a Super Champion, cleaning

Dear all, let me start with my own wish: I would like to acquire a set of two Chater Lea pedal axles, tommy bar version if at all possible, complete

with cones. Upon getting my bike for the Retro Ronde ready I discovered

that its pedals are in dire need of a complete overhaul.

Next, I have five NOS track tubulars/sew ups for sale. Three are Vittoria Corsa CL with a small "Servizio Corse" stickers. The tyres hold air well and show only small signs of ageing. The price per tire,

shipped anywhere in the world, is 90 US-Dollars.

The other two are Clementex ones, but those show small cracks that run

along the tread for an inch or two each. I would not ride them on the track myself, but then I´m a bit fussy. The tires would certainly grace any wall queen, that´s for sure. The pair, again shipped, is 135 Dollars. This is to represent 100 Euros, and herein lies the problem for US buyers: I´m sorry prices in Dollars are what they are, I can´t

help the bad exchange rate.

As always, please tell me if I´m mistaken about pricing - I have little experience in these matters.

I would, of course, much prefer a swap - see my C/L request above. Other things I still would like to have are Reynolds alloy wing nuts, or a Sturmey AF trigger, or an AR hub. I´ll send the tyres out for a

potential buyer to check, and if there´s nothing to swap then I´ll

expect a registered letter with US cash. I´ll stick to this method because I have always either promptly received the amount due, or the buyer had different ideas to which I have always agreed.

The warning is about a cycle shop owner in Pulheim near Munich, Germany, who is the exception. I sent him a spare part quite exactly a

year ago and to this day he has not paid up. I met him on the net when

I looked at a Cinelli SC which was for sale on Ebay - I´m still not a

member, but I had just gotten an SC myself and was curious. I must say

I found the bike rather iffy, phoned the seller, and then it came out he was in need of said spare part for a bike which he had raced on thirty or so years ago and which he wanted to restore. I have since exchanged some e-mails with him, phoned him repeatedly, to no avail. I

feel really <bleep> about this chap, I must say, and would certainly be

very careful if doing any business with him.

I have recently had the good fortune to acquire a Merckx. The bike had

been hanging in a living room for twenty or so years, and the owner is

a heavy smoker. The former pearl white now is some sort of brownish shade. I have tried all sorts of cleaners, including workshop floor cleaning liquid, fairy liquid and other exotic stuff, as well as automotive paint cleaners - three sorts. The bike is still light brown.

More ideas, anyone?

Lastly, how long does it take to set up a Super Champion derailleur properly? I have never made it under two or three hours. Am I missing something? For instance yesterday I fitted an original shift/gear lever. I had had some cheap copycat lever (no, they weren´t all angels

in the thirties) on the bike to get it on the road. Fitting the original one required undoing the whole kit and caboodle and fitting the detensioning cable, too. It´s working now, but boy must those guys

back in the day have been desperate for gears.

Regards, Toni "On holidays at last!" Theilmeier, Belm, Germany.