Re: [CR]Track BB length question, NR and Sugino Might Competition

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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 14:11:48 -0500
From: "John Thompson" <>
To: CR <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Track BB length question, NR and Sugino Might Competition
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> My guess is that it probably wants a bb spindle of typical Campy
> taper that is just like the Campy pista spindle which at the end of
> production would have been a 109mm symetric. Good news is that there
> are many Campy loose ball bb's for modern cranks that were either
> 109mm or 111mm symetric. So any campy bb for a typical double from
> the early 1990's for instance will work. There are tons of these
> bb's out there - the best of which is probably the Campy Chorus loose
> ball. Really the same quality as Campy NR but with tick wall cups.
> I don't think the 111 vs 109 will matter much.
> Just be certain to get the 68 vs 70 correct and that you don't mix
> cups/spindles for thin vs. thick cups together. It is easy to score
> thick cups and then get a spindle for thin ones or vice versa and
> then be left with something that doesn't work.

109mm symmetric would be ideal; IIRC only Japanese nutted spindles used the odd taper; the regular ones that use a bolt should be the same taper as Campy. I know I've used Sugino Mighty Compe on Campy spindles and vice-versa without problems.

Re: the thick vs thin cups -- if you have a set of thick cups and a 70mm shell, you can often use a spindle intended for a 68mm shell and tin cups. Likewise a spindle intended for 70mm shell and thick cups can be used with a 68mm shell and thin cups.


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