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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 21:19:13 +0200
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> Do other Gios frames of that time frame have serial numbers?
> I guess you are aware that Colnagos had no serial #s for a long
> time... Who knows??? :)

Just building up a nice, I think NOS GIOS Professional for my 12-year-old son.

There´s no frame number anywhere to be seen, just the "50" in the b/b

shell. Note: The 50 cm are c/t.

The frame´s that small and short that the headlugs would overlap behind the headtube if they hadn´t been filed in such a manner that they now

appear to be one piece. Neat. Just a shame that I only got it now my son´s nearly grown out of it.

BTW, it´s just the colour scheme (white with blue stickers) the bike on the CR website has. I like it very much.

Toni Theilmeier, Belm, Germany.