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My records first show the Compact in 88.? My references are usually buyers guides and sales brochures in those years, so my guess is that it could have first appeared a year or two earlier.? The first Compacts were SLX I believe, even in the small sizes, so mid-80s is right for the tubing too.?My daughter rode one of these for 15 years, loved it.? I believe a listmember?has it now.? The blue was more of a candy blue than the traditional Gios blue, but it was an interesting concept with the adjustable dropouts.? ?Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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The Gios brothers, Alfredo and Aldo, addressed the issue of counterfeits in one of their brochures. Although not dated, they speak about the Compact model, so that would place this brochure no earlier than...when did the Compact model come out?

From Mark Bulgier's site:


Ray Dobbins Off to check for serial numbers on my Gios, in Miami FL USA

DoubleB <swiftybjb@yahoo.com> wrote: "So, I guess my question is,did anyone actually ever see a counterfeit Gios Torino?"

I think I have one, it's a white GIOS Torino Professional with blue panels and GT pantographed on the seatpost and big chainring, but it has no serial number on the bottom bracket shell or anywhere else on the frame, so I have always believed it to be a fake, a good fake mind you, but a fake nevertheless.

Brian Booth Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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