[CR]Can someone help Fabrice?

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Subject: [CR]Can someone help Fabrice?

Perhaps in the French language or ?, could a member explain the situation for publishing pictures on the web, that the list e-mail service strips attachments from these mails and then the requirement to sign off his CR e-list e-mails?

Thanks in advance, Dale

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina? USA http://www.classicrendezvous.com

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I'm french living in Bruxelles, Belgium.?

I'm collecting lightweight race bikes since few years and first, I would?

like to thanks who it may concern for that great website. Really helpfull!?

I would like to show you some bikes I own by sending you pictures but I?

don't know how to do it. (by the way sorry for my english...).?

one of my nicest bike is Flandria (size 60 c/c) from 1978. It was Marc?

Demeyer's bike for that season. I bought it from one of the mechanic of?

Flandria team on TDF '78. Demeyer was quiet a racer. He won Paris Bruxelles?

'74, Paris Roubaix '76, 2 stages of the '77 giro and one stage on TDF '78.?

The bike is in fantastic condition, campy S.R 1978, Mafac GT racer brakes,?

and really nice Stronglight cranks drilled with holes painted in red inside.?

anyway I send you a full size picture of the bike and if someone explains me?

how to do, I have readdy some more details pictures.?

all the best,?

fabrice.? ?


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