re: [CR]Re: Ebay John Howard, or is it?

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From: "Bob Hufford" <>
Subject: re: [CR]Re: Ebay John Howard, or is it?
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 20:31:19 +0000

Mark Ritz <> wrote:
> It's definitely a KHS, and it's definitely NOT 531. All higher-end
> KHS bikes were Japanese tubing (Tange, IIRC).

I've seen quite a few 531 KHSs out there. The John Howard Turbo model that they produced was not one of them, though (Tange Infinity) and was pink and grey. The KHS John Howard Triathlete Pro (Tange 1) was red, so this could be it. This bike looks to be repainted, so who knows ...
>From Industry Profile: KHS, By MBT Staff (

"KHS was the first Taiwan made road bike to enter U.S. market with Reynolds 531 tubing. Bicycling Magazine tested this model in 1979 and rated as good as a similar, French-made Motobecane model."

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