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Subject: Re: [CR]re: favorite on-topic touring derailleur
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 21:24:05 +0000

Charles, I wish I understood the problems you cite with Duopars! I've used one for about three year on an on-topic Trek, with an off-topic 7-speed freewheel and an off-topic x-speed chain, and it has given me zero problems whatsoever.

Ken Freeman
Ann Arbor, MI USA

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From: Charles Andrews

> The Cyclone GT and the Luxe VGT are both very good single-spring touring

\r?\n> derailleurs..I've put many miles on both.


\r?\n> But....the best one I've ever used in terms of predictablity,

\r?\n> reliability, and shifting to rival perfectly-adjusted Ergo, is the Huret

\r?\n> Duopar. We've had one on our Taylor tandem for years, through many

\r?\n> miles...I even used it with an 8-speed cassette for didn't

\r?\n> like the narrow cog spacing, but it did work. Use it with a proper 5 or

\r?\n> 6-speed on-topic freewheel, and the Duopar is unbeatable... smooth and

\r?\n> precise every time, especially with Simplex retrofriction shifter

\r?\n> levers.


\r?\n> just make sure, as has been noted by others, that you don't try to back

\r?\n> up unless the derailleur is perfectly aligned with a given rear-cog, or

\r?\n> the chain will wrap right around the derailleur cage, or the cage will

\r?\n> try to wrap itself around the freewheel.


\r?\n> The problem is easy enough to avoid, with a little care.


\r?\n> I'd never used a Duopar until 3 years ago, when we got our tandem, and I

\r?\n> have to say I've been mighty impressed with it. It'll shift to 32 and

\r?\n> 34 tooth cogs as smooth as silk. We have the titanium version, I

\r?\n> assume the steel version works as well.


\r?\n> Charles Andrews

\r?\n> Los Angeles