[CR]On Originality---So What!

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From: "Doug Smith" <douguk2007@hotmail.co.uk>
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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 21:34:18 +0000
Subject: [CR]On Originality---So What!

Geoff Margetts concluded:- Today these bikes might just look like collection of parts, which is what they were, but thats how we rode. When restoring a bike today, it does'nt have to be perfectly matching parts, because the club cyclists of the day did'nt use perfectly matching parts.Ho wever, whatever area of collecting youre in to, its great that there are so many facets to our hobby. The main thing is that the bikes that we love are still around and being appreciated.

Geoff Interesting subject and with the points you raised are mostly accurate of the period of the marques we bought either by frame set only or complete machines.

In the begining we selected our bike because of the makers name and proceeded to buy the period components we could afford ,many had to buy budget quality but in some instances many could afford the more expensive items.Even in the 1950's the products were constantly changing and our bikes were getting older but we did'nt hesitate to "upgrade" as we called it. Nobody then had any diverse thoughts about buying new parts not that were not a match just as long as they got the lastest.

Like the modern day there was always the urge to keep up with new equipment no matter whether it looked correct or not. Now all these years later we are restoring/collecting ,preserving these bikes for ourselves and future generations. So if we wish to "mix and match" our components , remember its not a new idea but something which has been done over the decades.
Doug Smith
North Dorset