[CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 05:55:17 -0700
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "Dr. Paul J.Wilson" <paul@wilsondesigns.net>
Subject: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

Hi All and Matteo, I had a bad experience on eBay. The Seller is a CR list member that is well known and probably well received by many and therefore, I can expect many to reply on his behalf. I know I have appreciated the many different auctions that he has had. Member or not, I think, it is good for members to be aware of this troubling individual.

Prologue: I am sure many CR members have had terrific transactions with Matteo. I too have had a few. But when things go wrong, sometimes the true nature and class of the individual comes out. Many may think my experience is petty, and in some aspects it is. However, the source of my significant disturbance was Matteo poor attitude and non-businessman like handling of the situation. In the end, I concluded that Matteo felt he could handle my situation as he pleased and without any repercussions. I may be just venting, but I do feel better by sending out this email.

Event: This is an account of 100% of communications with Seller "Matteo Brandi" <<mailto:cheroketz@libero.it>cheroketz@libero.it> AKA on eBay "Yourstreetdealor" <mailto:illfiorentino@aol.com>illfiorentino@aol.com, AKA Seller Information Omar Rashid Fiesole, FI 50014 Italy

Details for item number: 110129804232 Item title: vintage cinelli sticker decal 1 ft long Item URL: <http://ebay.com/<blah End date: Saturday, May 26, 2007 13:31:11 PDT

5-26-7 Won: You Won eBay Item: vintage cinelli sticker decal 1 ft long (110129804232) >Described as NEW

Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 06:43:16 -0700 Subject: Receipt for Your Payment to <mailto:peltsone@yahoo.it>peltsone@yahoo.it To: Paul Wilson <<mailto:paul@wilsondesigns.net>paul@wilsondesigns.net> From: "<mailto:service@paypal.com>service@paypal.com" <<mailto:service@paypal.com>service@paypal.com>

Hi Matteo, I am about to leave "negative feedback" for the Cinelli sticker. Item number: 110129804232 The reason: The decal was shipped folded resulting in a permanent flaw, and was a bit dirty. I thought I should contact you before doing so. I can send a picture of the decal as I received it if you wish. Paul

Sellers message reads: no need to leave negative feedback.please ship the decal to a friend of mine in NJ,ill pay for shipping.i believe another one,that i can ship. Matteo

Hi, Matteo You seem to have rushed your response to me and left me with uncertainty. Matteo, your message does not: 1. Say where to ship to your friend. 2. How you will repay me for shipping. 3. Your last sentence structure seems incomplete. Are you saying that you think you may have another one you can provide? Matteo, I don't want to ship the sticker, be out of money for the sticker, out of money for shipping it, and then find out that you really don't have another sticker. I would be willing to get another sticker. But PLEASE take the time to address this issue clearly & concisely so I don't waste any more time interpreting your message. Thanks, Paul

Hi Matteo, I still have not received your response to my response about the poor condition of this decal. I want to put this issue to rest asap. It has been about a week since our last email. Please respond asap. Paul

Matteo I see that I do have a response, and it is dated 6-25-7. This is 6 days after my last request. Not a "service oriented" gesture on your part. Your attitude throughout this transaction has been poor and dismissal. I have done business with you in the past, but this transaction stinks. How about something like this. "Oh, I am terribly sorry for the problem and am pleased to remedy it quickly. Here is what I will do immediately". Yes, and I do stiffen when stiffed! Do what you want to do about the refund. The money is not important, but the feelings are! Paul

Paul PLease,i say ,PLEASE,leave me a negative feedback.Im refunding th emoney now plus the cover for s/h cost to Nj for the sticker. Matteo

Here is what I left for feedback>>Item: New decal, shipped folded & dirty. Communications slow & terrible attitude

Final comments: The item I won was cheap, but supposed to be new, & was received poorly. I was more than fair when I complained to Matteo so that he would have a chance to remedy the problem. He rushed a response that left me unable to proceed without contacting him again. Time wasted, but I had to contact him again. Matteo responded 6 days later with a poor attitude. He has not apologized to this day. He is uncaring, and apparently to busy to deal with a transaction that he has been paid for, yet not too busy to place other auctions. It is his attitude that I have such a problem with. It has been my experience that people with Matteo's type of attitude can be a significant problem whether the problem is over pennies or thousands.

I think without feedback such as mine contained herein, some people will disrespect others just because they can. With poor feedback, perhaps some of these people will be hesitant to carry on.

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