Re: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 10:51:36 -0700
From: "Dr. Paul J.Wilson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

Hi All and Matteo,

After reviewing all the responses both many negative and many positive (curiously many positive responses were sent to me "off list", while all negative were sent "on list"), and must digest it all and conclude that what Lou Deeter has written below is profound and enlightening to me.

I would like to apologize for being impatient and jumping the gun. Sometimes, when "all the moons are in alignment", things can get off beat. I am sure all of us have had experiences where they really didn't like someone, right from the start. Then things just escalate from there. Perhaps I was uptight at the time. Maybe if I were a common eBay seller I would have had a different perspective from the beginning.

In any event, I would like to still maintain my ascertains about Matteo's poor attitude and non-business like manner of handling the issue.

And again, I would like to apologize for my impatience and not taking the time to work through the problem. In the future I should step back and see if there is another perspective.

I will do what is necessary, if there is any mechanism, to remove the "negative feedback". Perhaps Matteo can challenge the "negative feedback" and I can acknowledge a resolution.


At 1:05 PM -0400 6-30-07, wrote:
>Paul, in my opinion Matteo responded that he was going to make you
>whole by sending you a new sticker, but he wanted you to know that
>he wanted you to send the old one to his friend in NJ. I find
>that communication to be totally acceptable. That he didn't give
>you all the details about how he would refund your 40 cents for
>postage to NJ or give you the address to send it isn't critical.
>You could have easily said, "Fine, send the new decal, then I'll
>send the bad one to NJ. Please send me the address to ship and let
>me know how you want to reimburse me the 40 cents for postage."
>This sounds like to me that you have higher expectations and are a
>bit more impatient that perhaps was necessary. I hate to see
>anyone, listmember or not, get negative feedback when they have
>attempted to make a deal right. For the record, I've known Matteo
>since before he joined the list. I've had wonderful experiences
>emailing him, eating Italian food in New York, and purchasing his
>items both on and off Ebay. Matteo's one of the good ones. Lou
>Deeter, Orlando FL USA
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