Re: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 10:58:42 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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Subject: Re: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

Hi Paul,

Just now reading these posts. I have spent thousands with Matteo and he always does the right thing. His handle of the American English language is readable but totally superior to my grasp of written Italian :-). Matteo is a good person, please be as you can allow.

Best to all,

Guy Apple Sunnyvale CA

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>Hi All and Matteo,


>After reviewing all the responses both many negative and many

>positive (curiously many positive responses were sent to me "off

>list", while all negative were sent "on list"), and must digest it

>all and conclude that what Lou Deeter has written below is profound

>and enlightening to me.


>I would like to apologize for being impatient and jumping the gun.

>Sometimes, when "all the moons are in alignment", things can get off

>beat. I am sure all of us have had experiences where they really

>didn't like someone, right from the start. Then things just escalate

>from there. Perhaps I was uptight at the time. Maybe if I were a

>common eBay seller I would have had a different perspective from the



>In any event, I would like to still maintain my ascertains about

>Matteo's poor attitude and non-business like manner of handling the



>And again, I would like to apologize for my impatience and not taking

>the time to work through the problem. In the future I should step

>back and see if there is another perspective.


>I will do what is necessary, if there is any mechanism, to remove the

>"negative feedback". Perhaps Matteo can challenge the "negative

>feedback" and I can acknowledge a resolution.






>At 1:05 PM -0400 6-30-07, wrote:

>>Paul, in my opinion Matteo responded that he was going to make you

>>whole by sending you a new sticker, but he wanted you to know that

>>he wanted you to send the old one to his friend in NJ. I find

>>that communication to be totally acceptable. That he didn't give

>>you all the details about how he would refund your 40 cents for

>>postage to NJ or give you the address to send it isn't critical.

>>You could have easily said, "Fine, send the new decal, then I'll

>>send the bad one to NJ. Please send me the address to ship and let

>>me know how you want to reimburse me the 40 cents for postage."

>>This sounds like to me that you have higher expectations and are a

>>bit more impatient that perhaps was necessary. I hate to see

>>anyone, listmember or not, get negative feedback when they have

>>attempted to make a deal right. For the record, I've known Matteo

>>since before he joined the list. I've had wonderful experiences

>>emailing him, eating Italian food in New York, and purchasing his

>>items both on and off Ebay. Matteo's one of the good ones. Lou

>>Deeter, Orlando FL USA




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