[CR]Fundamental Rite of Passage need freewheel removal advice

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 22:01:04 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Fundamental Rite of Passage <was> need freewheel removal advice

The esteemed Captain Bike reflected upon the faux pas of removing a rim from a hub before removing the freewheel as.......
> <<..... fundamental rite of passage.>>
> I thought this was interesting and would like to start a thread concerning what others might consider "rites of passage" regarding the "normal" types of work performed, and or, attempted without success, which resulted in a "oh no, what do I do now....." sort of response?

I'll start by sharing something I did many years ago which involved a Stronglight 49D crankset: A customer (this was a long time ago!) wanted different rings (less teeth), and I replaced them as requested, but reversed the inner bolts, so the bolt heads were now facing out. Wasn't a big deal until the customer wanted new rings <again>.........For those of you unfamiliar with the design, there is little to no purchase for the two bolt heads nearest the crank arm IF they are installed with the heads facing out. :-(

I suspect there are 'ROP' which are equipment specific - and not many folks today would have to contend with Stronglight 49D cranksets........

Chuck Brooks Malta, NY (USA)

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