[CR]leaving Negative Feedback on E-bay

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 22:13:50 -0400
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Subject: [CR]leaving Negative Feedback on E-bay

I read through the various messages about the sticker transaction, and don't want to weigh in on that except that I would hope that everyone would use negative feedback as a Last resort - and only after a resolution to an issue can't be reached. There is no need to leave feedback immediately (you've got at least 45 days) - often things will work out.

I had a recent transaction that illustrates how problems can take time to resolve. I sold a NOS chainring to someone in Canada on May 1st, he paid immediately via Paypal & I posted the ring the next day or so - Probably May 3rd or 4th. Since delivery confirmation isn't readily available to Canada I took a chance in mailing without the USPS delivery confirmation I usually use to protect myself in case of a dispute.

Anyway, on May 17th (while I was on vacation) I received the following email: Do you have the tracking number of the package? I still have not received the ring.

This was two weeks after I had mailed it, So, here I was, without a trace on the package, and no proof other than a postal receipt that I had shipped it. I responded to the mail, basically telling the buyer that I was out of the country, but would follow up when I got back. I also told him that a package sent to Canada from the US can take much longer than would seem to be normal, and to give it a bit more time. Fortunately he was patient, and the package finally appeared over another week later.

If this buyer had not been very patient and had rushed to leave negative feedback - I would probably have been dealing with some negative feedback. Instead, he waited, and was happy when the ring arrived, and instead left me positive feedback.

It is a problem with ebay that feedback (one left) is difficult to pull back, so everyone should allow time for delivery, especially with international shipments.

Ben Sanford Falls Church, VA

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