Re: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

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From: <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 23:15:46 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Poor experience with well known CR List member and eBay seller

paul, it is behavior like yours that reminds me of why i am happy not to have a shingle hanging out front anymore to lure the general public into my little bicycle shop, invitation only, thank you.... honestly, is this over a vinyl sticker for your bicycle??? petty is hardly an adequate admonishment for your attitude towards this seller AND list member....and then to run to this forum to warn us about him because of your perceived rough treatment....hmmmm, i smell a rat! i would NEVER sell on ebay because the bicycle world is peppered w/ souls such as you that make a bloody mess of the simplest of transactions and are quick to point the finger at others and NEVER accept ANY responsibility for a deal going south can't even listen to the sage remarks from all the old timers here without continueing to assail this poor fellow whose item was not perfect, therefore, you got him where he lives w/ a negative slam and now offer only that maybe he can deflect some of your bile w/ a responce to o much ya out? ten bucks? maybe we can take up a collection for you. as has been said, those creases disappear when the sticker is properly applied.....very forgiving.... and there are half a dozen products that'll clean it to new w/ zero, what did you do to this poor fellow unfortunate enough to cross paths w/ you.....i'd say you should apologize to him here in HIS native language, then you can go kick your dog. charlie flaherty baltimore maryland usa </HTML>