Re: [CR]gearing on classic racing bicycles

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Subject: Re: [CR]gearing on classic racing bicycles
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 20:54:08 -0500

My cambio Corsa bikes typically have single chainrings of 46 or 47 with 4-speed freewheels of 15/17/19/21, 16/18/20/22, or 17/19/21/23.

Aldo Ross
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Subject: [CR]gearing on classic racing bicycles

> Hey, gang.
> I've been unsuccessful finding the answers I'm looking for, most
> likely due to looking in the wrong places. Going through some of the
> photos at the L'eroica site I see some pictures of bicycles equipped
> with Campy Cambio Corsa deraillers. It looks like these probably had
> 3 rear sprockets. Can anyone tell me what a typical setup would have
> been? I'm interested in the number of sprockets and the tooth count
> on the sprockets and chainwheel.
> Thanks a bunch. Much appreciated. Please let me know if I need to
> clarify anything.
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