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Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 12:10:30 -0600

To those who asked if the sleeve will slide off, no it won't.

The sleeve only slips a little, under weight. Even if it did slip freely ar ound the bar, it wouldn't be possible to get the straight sleeve off of the curved bar.

I hope to attack this project this weekend. Thanks for everyone's suggestio ns thus far.

Mark Buswell San Francisco, CA

On Fri Nov 9 12:42 , Bob Freitas sent:
> If the sleeve will slide off enough to use epoxy then it should
>work(key here would be coverage). Structural adhesives have been used in
>the Automotive field for over 15 years.Anyone know when bonding was
>first used in Aircraft construction?
> Bonding to anodizing should be OK though , Alans and Raleigh
>Techniums were bonded in a similar way and I do not know what the
>failure rate was.
> I would use 4 rivets of small diameter placed 2 on each side at the
>bottom of the bar where they will be out of sight. These could probably
>be placed in the stem area or further out but I would not use them at
>the outer edge.
> A single pin concentrated all force in that one area, my bet
>would be using 4 pins in smaller diameter would have worked better.
> There are some good brazing products available (low temp) but
>heat would ruin the finish which was one of the reasons I have made the
>recommendations I have.
> All this over an admitted cheap pair of

> who believes you could do a KOF lugged frame by
>bonding and whos Dads Bike shop was originally a Blacksmith shop.
>aldoross4 wrote:
>> I've tried drilling & pinning (one pin 1/8" dia) through the
>> sleeve and bar, but the aluminum (non-heat-treated Cinelli
>> bars) is so soft that the slippage continued, while the pin
>> just gouged a slot through the bar and the sleeve.
>> If you try glue or epoxy, remember that under load it could
>> shear (break loose) at any time.
>> Aldo Ross
>> Middletown, Ohio
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>> Subject: [CR]Re: Bar repair
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>>> Trick to using adhesive would be to get it
>>> between the 2 pieces.Can the sleeve slide any? If it can
>>> be moved then you could apply a 2 part epoxy (use one
>>> with a wide window of 30 minutes at least).
>>> Instead of a screw I would use rivets , my
>>> choice would be 1/8 or smaller.Aluminum might not hold up
>>> so try stainless or just steel.

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