Re: [CR]re: bar repair

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Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 13:21:07 -0500
From: John Betmanis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: bar repair
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At 09:52 AM 09/11/2007 -0800, Bob Freitas wrote:
> I like Johns Anaerobic solution but would recommend a 600 series
>if you can find one that wicks.

If the area under the sleeve is clean, any of the wicking grades of Loctite should work. I've used 293 at work and found 294 on the web, and it looks like 290 is available on the OEM market. There are literally hundreds of types of Loctite for all kinds of applications as well as spray cleaners and primers to ensure a good bond.

If the sleeve is so loose that it can be slid to one side, it would be easy to clean the interface.

I would not be too crazy about using rivets to secure the sleeve because it would weaken the bar and the sleeve is there to reinforce it in this critical area, as well as to increase the diameter. However, if you could cut through the sleeve with a hacksaw blade where the stem is split, the sleeve should grip the bar when the stem bolt is tightened.

John Betmanis
Woodstock, Ontario