[CR]ReFurbish Raliegh Headbadge ? (yu guys warned me !!)

Example: Component Manufacturers:Cinelli

Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 11:23:12 -0800
From: Rich Pinder <rpinder@usc.edu>
To: classic <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]ReFurbish Raliegh Headbadge ? (yu guys warned me !!)


Somone said long ago that if you re'finish a frameset, the quality and condition of all the components and accessories will stand out MUCH more than with the old, beat up frame.

Sure enough - as I am so darn close to putting the finishing touches on the white Raleigh pro from 1969, I now wonder if there are folks out there who 're paint' badges as a service? But I also am weighing out the benefits of such an idea, over the added costs and time. I'm also honing in on finding the correct rivets or screws to re'attache the thing (Ted.. the ones you gave are a smaller diameter) - so I've got a bit more time before I find just the correct way to re'mount the badge. (diameter of holes on badge and head tube is right at 3/32)

My badge, by some opinions, is in great shape. There is however one area in the upper right where the brass has shone thru, and a bit of the yellow colors are missing. You can see on the pictures below.

I appreciate any suggestions you can give. DEAL, or NO DEAL ??

Rich Pinder Van Nuys, CA