[CR]Campy chainring no patent or Brev question

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Subject: [CR]Campy chainring no patent or Brev question

I have a question about Campy chainrings, maybe someone can answer here. I have been sorting through my old 144BCD 1970s and early 80s chainrings and I found some that say 'PATENT CAMPAGNOLO' and others that say 'BREV. CAMPAGNOLO', which of course I expect, but I found some that look identical except that they only have a '<C>' and tooth number stamped into one side. In other words, no Brev or Patent stamped on them. They do have the nice finish on them like Campy Record rings. Of course they are Campy because they have the '<C>' stamp, but where do they fit into the Campy timeline and are they Record? They are not Super Record, because they have all the standard chainring webbing. They also are internal rings 43 and 42 teeth. Any ideas? I can send pics if you need them. I also bought some on ebay that were in the Campagnolo 'Record' white sleeves, but when I pulled them out there was nothing but the <C> and 43 stamped on them, no PATENT or BREV.


-Dee Gordon
Los Angeles