Re: [CR](now) Campy Ft der model question (was) unusual early guerciotti

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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 18:19:43 EST
Subject: Re: [CR](now) Campy Ft der model question (was) unusual early guerciotti

Tom Dalton wrote: <snip> "I've wondered for a long time if Campy ever made a CPSC-compliant Record ft. derailleur that had no holes. I had thought that the 4-hole front was the first CPSC-compliant Record front, and that the model on this Guerciotti was the first CPSC-compliant Gran Sport..." <snip>

I don't have the answer to your question, but I might be able to add a data point. I am now looking at three campagnolo front ders: pre-circlip flat cage, holeless cage with lip (as on the Guerchiotti), and three-hole cage. The first two look very much alike (except for the lip). The third one, which I believe is SR because of the black swing arms, has a front clamp section with smaller points above and below the CAMPAGNOLO, and is also without the pebbled background around the name. The earlier two both have a more substantial rear clamp section. The first two have the "world" logo, while the latter has the "shield" logo. There seems to be no other difference between the first than the lip. The latter two, with the lipped cages, also seem very much alike, to me, other than the logo, holes, clamp differences, and width of rear end of cage (the SR cage moves out further from the fixing bolt than the earlier models). The bike-side of the inside cage plate of all three are stamped BREV. CAMPAGNOLO. What should I look for that would tell me the second of these derailleurs is a Gran Sport? Hope I didn't add to the confusion. Tom Donahue Melbourne, FL

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