Re: [CR]TOGA Team Rider Quiz

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Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 14:15:19 -0500
From: James Swan <>
Subject: Re: [CR]TOGA Team Rider Quiz
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To: John Pergolizzi <>
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Actually the correct pronunciation is T-Bah, but you couldn't call him that after Los Angles. "Call me Nelson or call me nothin!"

Jamie Swan Northport, N.Y. Centerport Cycles Inc. (mapped)

On Nov 22, 2007, at 11:43 AM, John Pergolizzi wrote:
> T-Bar.
> At Kissena.
> More likely late 70's.
> J.Pergolizzi
> San Diego, Ca.
> BOB HANSON wrote:
> Perhaps Jamie or someone else can ID this TOGA rider?
> Sorry, No prizes for winning guesses.
> But, here is another great cyclist from the early 80s worth
> mentioning.