RE: [CR] fixie thing has gone too far!

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Subject: RE: [CR] fixie thing has gone too far!
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 12:37:52 -0800
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Without the spending of all these fixie riding hipsters, I doubt you'd be able to sell your dusty and crusty vintage parts for 'market value'.

Just sayin.

The gen x/y/z types are the second wave of classic bike enthusiasts- mostly they learn from the older CR list types, but there are a few that need to find the path on their own. The guy who painted over a suspect Masi GC has just atarted on this path. Lets not take the air out of his tires just yet.

Tom Martin Oakland CA The SF fixie hipster annex

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> Well, with the powder coat the bike won't get too scratched...
> when it throws him on his head.
> Nothing quite like:
> 1.) a low road bike bottom bracket
> 2.) long crank arms
> 3.) a fixed gear
> 4.) a wide road pedal
> 5.) a cocky first time fixie rider
> all entering a fast un-banked turn... to spell imminent disaster.
> I see a painful learning curve on someone's horizon.
> A long fall from a tall bike.
> I like it :-)

i was thinking the same thing when i read that it had 175mm cranks. jeez. that's no fun with a low bottom bracket.

jeff piwonka
austin, texas, usa