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Subject: Re: [CR]NYC Cycling Pics - 1982
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 19:49:47 -0500
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From: Dale Brown <>

In picture 43 and 159, #32 is John Patterson from NC,? Lennie Preheim is talking to him in first shot.

In #5, (alos 169) Paul Pearson is on left, what was it with all those guys on Toga??

in #67 (and others), Betsy Davis is on the podium with that cute little Fuji girl (can't remember her name) ... and Brian Drebber announcing.

Patterson, Pearson and Drebber in #216

IIRC, Paul was a carpenter in Wash DC area and a frequent track rider at Trexlertown. Patterson went on to race in Europe, became a successful business man and is back racing now, at the front of the pack down here in the Carolinas....

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I don't know Eddie. I think that you got them about 75% correct. #105 is not Eric Zaltas its Ian Jackson. I would have expected Zaltas to have been in the fray but I don't see him. #98 is not Brian Fucci its John Mastrioni. Brian Fucci actually sent me an email a couple months ago. He has a service station in the Bronx...? ?

I forwarded the link to Hewitt Thayer and Jim Lehane who are both in the photos. I think that between those guys, you, me and a few others we could probably name every person in every photo.? ?

Did you pick out Clarence Ballard, Marc Lobit, Tom Donahue, Betsy Davis?? ?

Kinda weird how the shots are out of numerical order. Also weird how there are a few shots from the Worlds interspersed.? ?

How about the fact that there are something like 240 photos? That was before digital cameras. Who is this guy that took these photos anyway?? ?

Jamie Swan?

Northport, N.Y.?

Centerport Cycles Inc.? (mapped) ?


On Nov 22, 2007, at 2:01 PM, Edward Albert wrote:? ?
> FWIW. If you are interested some of the riders by picture number > are as?
> follows:?
> 105: I think that may be Eric Zaltas?
> 103: The Toga rider is Brian Serchinger (SP?)?
> 98: Toga rider is I think Brian Fucci?
> 125: Serchinger and Fucci?
> 110: Ian Jackson?
> 107 In white could that be Matt Eaton??
> 14: Vince McDonald with Ed Merryman and Betey Jordon his?
> wife behind.?
> Vince, I think, Just won the cat 3 race?
> 63: Vince McDonald winning the 3 race?
> 28: Lou Maltese?
> 6: Jonathan Boyer?
> 4: Paul Deem I think?
> 195: L to R Cat 3 winners, Hewitt Thayer (I think), Vince McDonald,?
> Jerry?
> Malone. Hewitt and Jerry moved up to cat 2 and rode?
> for Toga soon?
> after I think.?
> Edward, where Was I Jamie?, Albert?
> Chappaqua, NY, USA?
>>>> devotion finesse <> 11/21/07 11:06 PM?
> Andy Shen just posted a bunch of great pics from the 1982 Union Square?
> Crit?
> erium:?
> I recognize Lou Maltese, Toga team kits, a Richard Sachs frame and a?
> young?
> Greg Lemond...?
> Any other listmembers racing in NYC at that time remember that race??
> I was 4 years old and 3,000 miles away...?
> Matthew Bowne?
> Brooklyn, New York?