Re: [CR]RE: fixie thing has gone too far!

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Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 14:47:25 -0800
From: "John Vu" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: fixie thing has gone too far!
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We might scoff at the aesthetics or lack thereof, but overall it's a healthy thing, if only to keep Sugino, Nitto, and MKS in business. And more people riding is always a good thing.

On second thought I don't have a problem with a guy finding a frameset and putting it to use. I wish he'd kept the original paint and didn't remove the braze ons, he might want them back one day. 175mm cranks on a street fixed-gear bike seems like a bad idea.

-- John Huan Vu Los Angeles, Calif.

On 11/23/07, Chris Plunkett <> wrote:
> Though I understand ankle injuries are substantially.
> At least the fixie crowd is curious enough
> about bike lore to get on a steel frame.
> They are definitely the future
> wallets/ enthusiasts for our stuff,
> and they will ride them. The craze is alive
> in densely populated urban areas where
> parking spaces costs 35 g's. This is their
> primary/ only means of transportation.
> Plus side; Don't need to haul no tools, no up/down
> shifting at each light, never a need to take your
> eyes off the road only to be nailed by
> La car door.
> And hell yes they are playing the counter
> culture card by messin with what previous
> generations consider as already perfect.
> The comparison to my era is, this is
> their muscle car, their hot rod, their bad ace
> motor scooter. My hot rod was as nasty and
> illegal as we could get away with.